It is time for that to stop dominating your life and let the invasion

The fourth step? Etc. But Copper brazed plate heat exchanger seems that we often miss the TRUE Motive for any Success in life.Motive. It is your True “Motive In Action” and engaged in the Success process. (WAR stands for Winning Again Repeatedly. But yet, people have a tendency to ignore it, and focus on other things in their life, and miss the power of the Motive in their heart which could bring to them their life dreams for Success.) 1) What is the single most important thing you want to happen in 2006 more than anything else in your life? Write it down.” And from that lack and fear based force, they tore apart, word by word, piece by piece, day by day, thought by thought, the dreams that you once held deep in your heart, and was once your motive for a better life and future.

Many folks run # their lives by excuses, not excellence, and ends up in the pit of average with everyone else that has the same problem. But many folks, like myself, had an invasion of the heart and mind. Success Nugget: That motive deep inside is whatever you want to see enlarged, expanded, increased, enhanced, or empowered in your life in 2006. The word “Motivation” is actually two words, as we say in WildFire Success- “Motive Action”. It is time to call up the Troops of Thought that will start overtaking any area in your mind that has gone negative and doubtful You have incredible potential inside of you, and most of our potential was overrun with other people’s army of excuses and negative beliefs. It is time for that to stop dominating your life and let the invasion of your Success motive become your focus and dream once more.

That will start an Invasion of Thinking and Actions that will eventually lead to a Life of Victory, High Achievement, and Radical, undeniable Success! Blessings…doug . Truly it was an invasion of the worst kind. It’s time to se ti onFire with The Flame of Possibility and the Heat of Hope. Start right now with a MotiveInvasion of Success and a dream that you will no longer let lie dormant. It is the Essence of Action, and the Foundation of Force.

Their once focused refrigerant to water plate heat exchanger of dreams, aspirations, and hope, was silently invaded by an army of “Can’t do it commandos, Won’t work wingmen, Never last Navy, It’s Impossible Privates, and Give it up grenade throwers. It was an invasion of the mediocre mentality that turned our Motivation, to “Excuse-ation”, and our excuses became our motive to do nothing with our life. It contains many things that can inspire and motivate us, if we let it. It is a powerful word that runs our lives daily, and it definitely one of the greatest secrets of Success in the world. That is what TRUE Success Motivation is


I took it another step and said we can do something positive for other kids

He hears more and more about Bird Flu and I know that when kids are sick at school Josh wonders of they "have it. You could see it in his little face. Angst was written all over him. In this way Josh gets a perspective on life which doesn't suggest that danger is non-existent but rather that through action and prayer we don't have to live in fear. exchanger know that Josh is not completely over his fears. I also explained to him a few other facts about Bird Flu including tips on washing hands, covering the mouth when coughing and not kissing the neighbors chicken." That is why I keep up to date with Josh about what is going on without making Bird Flu an issue or blowing it out of proportion.. Adding a few practical steps can help your child relate to the more complex "how's", and in this case, even have the added benefit of finally getting those hands washed before meals.

We talked about what he could tell his exchanger at school should they get scared. "What's up?" I asked with a smile hoping to relieve his fears. Whatever the case, kids do hear all that is going on around us and need to be helped through their fears before they get a pandemic of the stomach. "Daddy," he nervously replied, "I'm afraid I'll get Bird Flu!" And this from a seven year old! At breakfast time!! I'm not sure if Josh had heard me talking about Bird Flu or if he heard about it at school. All these things helped Josh face the issue of Bird Flu in a different light. A lot of what kids (and especially youth) need is simply an ear. I took it another step and said we can do something positive and helpful for other kids.

When I explained to Josh that Bird Flu is very susceptible to heat and that just zapping his breakfast in the Microwave already killed all those bad guys (germs) his face light up like a Christmas tree. And we talked about giving to help fund research. I suggested to Josh that he too can pray for me when I travel and that he is under God's protection.My son Josh was scared. And of course I make the point to always pray God's protection over us as a family and to keep our house safe. So I keep exchanger in how or when I approach the subject. So yes, I told him too of precautions I take, vaccines which are available against the flu virus and most importantly, that God is in control so I don't have to worry. He starred down.

I hear in his prayers that it is sometimes on his mind, other times not. His knuckles were as white as his t-shirt. We talked about how we could pray together for kids in China. Talking with your child about the issues at hand is vitally important. There are in fact just a few simple things we as parents can do to help our kids work through issues, regardless of the age or gender of our bundles of joy. Of course my son knows I travel to Asia and in fact lived in China where influenza is birthed